Thursday, June 18, 2009

With You.... my favorite place to be! This is the card I made for Braden to give to his daddy for Fathers Day. I'm always saying my hubby is like a polar bear, he's chubby and growls sometimes and he likes our house at a chilly 72 degrees! My mom and I turn it up during the day, but he knows even if it's a degree difference. lol That being shared.
Braden loves, loves, loves, his dad and when they are together it just makes me smile. Braden just can't get enough of his daddy. When daddy is home Braden is all over him.
I picked this stamp up last year at a stamp show with them in mind. I stamped the bears on some white card stock and outlined them with my gray marker to make them pop.


Tiffany's Epiphanies said...

very nice :)

GiftsByHeidi said...

That is cute! And I am cracking up that you think 72 is chilly!!