Sunday, September 20, 2009

Now for something a little different..

In addition to paper crafts I sew too! I have been sewing since Home Economics in 8th grade, so roughly 25 years! lol I go through periods where I will sew a lot and then not at all. I don't do zippers! I like the easier sewing projects. I mostly enjoy crafty sewing, like quilts, pillows, purses etc. Like most of us with kids at home I don't have my own craft room, so when I sew I have to go get the sewing stuff from it's place in the garage and then set it all up at the kitchen table, then take it all back to the garage before dinner. You see my problem. lol I manage to keep my paper crafting right around the computer table area, so you can see where my priorities are. lol
What I wanted to share today was something I made last week, for a friend who just had a baby. It's called a "Taggie Blanket." It's a cute little blanket with ribbon loops sewn into the seam. My son still loves his, although he looks unhappy holding the girly one I made. lol He is actually saying cheese and looking away from the camera, across the street at the neighbor kids running around. Probably thinking I hope they don't see me over here. lol
For the taggie blankets I make I use snuggle flannel, satin and grosgrain ribbon so there are different textures. All machine washable which for children is a must. The size of this blanket is roughly 18x20. I googled taggie blankets and found a lot of tutorials out there. Most of the ones I found for sale were generally a little smaller then the one I made and with a lot less ribbons on the sides. I made mine without a pattern, I just kind of guessed. If you have ever sewn homemade pillows then it's much the same way just add in the loops when you sew up the seams.
Happy Crafting!

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GiftsByHeidi said...

I didn't know you also sew!! You are so talented. Your son is so cute, although I agree, he doesn't look happy holding the girlie blanket!