Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowman Soup!

I made a few (25! lol) of these snowman soup bags for my hubby to give to his employees. He wanted to do some baking but since time is his enemy, I convinced him that these were a cute alternative and it's the thought that counts. The snowman is from Whipper Snapper stamps and on the back of the scallop tag I stamped this poem:

Snowman Soup

So, you've been real good this year

always glad to hear it

with freezing weather drawing near

you'll need to warm the spirit

so here's a little snowman soup

complete with stirring stick

add hot water, sip it slow

it's sure to do the trick!

1 comment:

GiftsByHeidi said...

Hi Jen, Those are so cute! I have that stamp too. I might have to make some of these!